Guabilla tree (Inga marginata) for sale in Thailand

When I traveled the Peruvian Amazon region five years ago, I found the sweet Guabilla bean in a local market and took some seeds to Thailand. My tallest Guabilla tree (Inga marginata) is now about seven or eight meters high in Pattaya, another one is in Nong Khai, close to Laos. We have now Guabilla trees for sale in Thailand and Laos.

The white pulp of Inga marginata is very swwet.

The white stuff around the beans of the Inga marginata is edible and very popular in South and Central America where it originated. It is also called Ice cream bean.

The seeds of the Guabilla tree cannot be found in Laos or Thailand.

I took some of those Inga marginata seeds back to Thailand and properly planted them.

This Inga marginata tree is about five years old and seven or eight meters high.

My Guabilla tree grew quite fast and flowered twice already, but unfortunately we could not harvest any fruits yet. Therefore we had no seeds available for propagation in Thailand or Laos. On my latest trip to Colombia I found some seeds of Inga marginata, brought them back to Thailand, planted them, but a squirrel must have eaten them.

Marcotting works very well with Inga marginata,

It took only a few weeks to air layer our large Inga marginata branches.


The Guabilla branches root quickly.

The branch of the Inga marginata tree is then potted and we have gained an identical plant or clone.

A new Inga marginata tree is created.

We have just made six more Inga marginata trees which are for sale in Thailand or Laos. The advantage of this method of propagation: You get tall, mature new Inga marginata trees that can bear fruits immediately and beautify your whole garden with their beautiful leaves as well.

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