Thai cashew nuts and juice are delicious

Like so many mouthwatering things cashew nuts only came to Thailand after the Americas were discovered. At Discovery Garden Pattaya we grow cashew trees (Anacardium occidentale) which produce cashew nuts and also cashew apples that can be processed into delicious juice or jam. Cashew seeds and trees are for sale as well.

Cashew apples and nuts at Discovery Garden Pattaya, Thailand

Cashew apples and nuts at Discovery Garden Pattaya, Thailand

Peruvian Amazon region: When I saw my first cashew apple with the tiny seed in a hard shell at the end, I had no idea what this was. But naturally I bought a few fruits and tasted them. In South America the fruit is processed into a refreshing juice, sweets or it is distilled into liqueur. At Discovery Gardens Thailand we also produce a unique cashew apple jam.

The cashew seed (nut) is in that small double shell at the end

The cashew seed (nut) is in that small double shell at the end

Luckily I did not try to open the hard double shell surrounding the single seed since it is protected by a toxic fluid that can cause severe burns and allergic reactions.

Wear gloves when opening the cashew shell

Wear gloves when opening the cashew shell

Planted those seeds quickly germinate and propagate the evergreen tropical cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale). The cashew tree can grow up to 12 meters high and very wide in diameter.


At Discovery Garden outlets in Pattaya and Nong Khai we sell live trees and seeds for Thailand, Laos and internationally.


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  1. Health benefits of Passion Fruit

    Passion Fruit Health Benefits
    High in Fiber: The passion fruit has a high content of dietary materials.
    So for better digestion, a clean digestive tract and intestines as well as a cleaner colon, this fruit should
    be eaten like a fruity regarding fiber. The seeds with this particular fruit
    are edible and tend to counted within the the fruit’s fiber written content.
    Its fiber content allows the passion fruit to behave as a gentle laxative.

    Rich in Antioxidants: Wealthy color for this fruit, looking at the dark purple exterior to its orange-colored flesh, is outcome the
    presence of antioxidants, which means this fruit inhibits considering
    of cancerous cells in the body, a person healthier . as part of a balanced diet.
    Passion fruit has both water and fat soluble
    herbal antioxidants. One of the key antioxidants confined in this fruit is beta-carotene.

    Eases Asthma: For those suffering from asthma, passion fruit is
    really a very nutritious and wholesome fruit, since it’s consumption soothes and eases asthma attacks and effects.
    Eating passion fruit may lessen effect of histamine, a biochemical component that causes asthma symptoms to be held.

    Relaxing Effect: A tall cool glass of passion fruit juice
    can help relax your nerves and your mind, making you feel soothe.

    This juice is also prescribed for digestive problems and is
    great for indigestion and gastric affliction.
    Helps with Insomnia: Passion fruit has somniferous result on the
    human nervous system, wherein it promotes a sense of calmness and relaxes the mind.
    This helps insomniacs or those who cannot sleep well, loosen up
    and feel sleepy. A glass of passion veggie juice
    before sleeping can ensure an uninterrupted
    night’s sleep.
    Good Regarding Nutrients: This fruit can be
    a good associated with vitamin J. A serving of 100 g (3.5 ounces) contains 30 mg of vitamin C, known as as
    vitamin c. Vitamin C enhances the body’s immunity and one more an antioxidant.
    So the body heals itself internally at a quicker rate, it is
    capable of resisting infection and possibility of getting a heart attack or cancer is greatly reduced, owing
    to a regular and correct intake of vitamin C.
    100 g serving of passion fruit contains 1275 IU of vitamin Your own. Vitamin A improves eyesight and helps in fighting worms.
    Plus, it ensures correct glowing skin and proper internal cell growth.
    The passion fruit is the right source of potassium (348 mg in 100 g).

    This mineral has a nourishing effect around the human heart and can be useful for regulating the heart’s rate of
    functioning and bp in at the very least. In addition to potassium,
    passion fruit also contains good degrees of iron, magnesium and calcium,
    making it a very nutritious kiwi.
    Great Dietary Aid for Weight Loss: For those watching how much they weigh or attempting lose
    pounds, fruits end up being the recommended culinary food.

    Nevertheless the passion fruit seems being designed to have a weight loss diet.
    Ought to low in calories, only 97 calories per 100 g!
    It’s not low in sodium and fat. Akin to a great deal
    of carbohydrates and natural sugars, so the human body recovers quickly from an exercising and energy levels are replenished.

    The fruit’s nutrients build up lowering associated with cholesterol in one’s
    body. Plus, the high fiber content means a serving
    of this fruit satiates your appetite and keeps you full, so will not want to gorge on other fruits.

    Always pick a heavy, plump passion fruit, which is either purple or
    yellow in pigment. Unripe passion fruits are green in color,
    avoid under or overripe many fruits. The skin of the fruit could be
    creased or smooth. Fruit with a creased skin is actually tastier and
    fuller to eat. The health primary advantages of passion fruit
    seem great to be true to be true advertise this fruit a veritable health ‘power food’.
    But you will find to incorporate this fruit in the actual menu, either in solid or liquid

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