Great animals: Cows eat grass, deliver milk, cheese, meat and shit, Ep. 58

Scenic Appenzell is certainly worth a visit. Cows roam the mellow hills of Appenzell. Those emblematic Swiss animals are certainly the best friends of men. By eating grass they create milk which can be turned into famous cheese from Appenzell. By sending them to cow heaven delicious steaks are produced. And last but not least: Cows shit a lot and thus deliver precious fertilizer. Dominik Landwehr shows Hans Fritschi interesting Appenzell where many Swiss wonders can be discovered.

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  1. hallo Hans, ist ja ein wunderschönes Anwesen. der Traum jedes Pflanzenliebhabers
    liebe herzens sonnenscheingrüße Helene Baranyai aus Phuket.

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