Bye, bye Pattaya Beach – maybe for a very long time, Ep.42

For urgent personal reasons Hans Fritschi leaves Thailand for his hometown Zurich. He bides farewell to deserted Dongtan or Jomtien Beach where normalcy has not returned yet. Never in living memory has this famous Pattraya Beach been emptier. Thailand has still closed the borders and foreign tourists are not allowed into the country due to fear of Covid 19. It is thus unclear when Hans Fritschi and others can return to Thailand, it could take months.

Stealing goose eggs and replacing them with plastic surrogates, Ep.40

Our many geese at Discovery Garden Pattaya have started to lay eggs again. We steal them from their nests and replace those with plastic eggs filled with water. The hopefully fertile eggs are brought to our incubator and watched closely. As soon as a perspective mother goose gets broody and sits permanently on her plastic eggs, we bring back the real eggs that have started to develop new life. We get many more goslings that way, because the infertile eggs are sorted out and the fertile ones are protected from enemies in the early stages of the breeding process.

Many Iguanas live at our Thai Botanical Garden, Ep.38

Many Iguanas can be explored at Discovery Garden Pattaya. Those antique lizards are pure vegetarians and are no danger to our geese. They just walked in one day and made their home in our Thai Botanical Garden. We leave those beautiful ancient creatures alone and protect them from Thai hunters who would like to eat the so called “bamboo chicken”. Not native to Southeast Asia Iguanas have long been naturalized in Thailand.

Eating Peanut butter fruits in a Thai Botanical Garden, Ep.37

The Peanut butter fruit looks a bit like a cherry tomato, but it tastes much more sweet. As the popular name of the Bunchosia argentea suggests, its delicate little fruits taste exactly like Peanut butter. It is easy to grow from seeds and seedlings quickly rise and bear fruits. We grow Peanut butter plants at Discovery Garden Pattaya and Nong Khai.

Meat Croissants and Butter head salad made in Thailand, Ep.35

My Thai family and friends love to eat my meat cakes. First we produce a meat filling for our stuffed Croissants. It consists of local beef, ham, bacon, mushrooms, herbs and spices. When cold, this mass is stuffed into our fluffy pastry dough we bought locally. The Croissants are then carefully baked at 180 degrees Celsius to perfection. We eat those delicious meat Croissants with great Butter head salad “Mimosa”.

Larb, spicy beef salad made in Thai style and bamboo shots, Ep.34

Without grass there would be no spicy beef salad or Larb. First of all the cows eat it the stuff and turn it into meat. The sticky rice traditionally served with Larb belongs to the grass family as well as the roasted rice in the beef salad. And even the boiled bamboo shots are – biologically spoken – members of the grass family. Hans Fritschi has just planted Black bamboo at Discovery Garden Nong Khai whereas the Golden bamboo has longer been rooted at this Northeastern Thai Botanical Garden.

Bread making with stuff available in Thailand, Ep.33

To make a crusty bread is easy in Europe where an abundance of different flours are widely available. Hans Fritschi shows a way how you can produce a decent bread with materials that can be found all over Thailand where supply in general is very limited. We use all purpose and whole wheat flour, salt, yeast and water. The result is a crusty and tasty home made bread.