Buddha was not born under a Cannonball tree, Ep.22

Many Thai faithfuls believe Buddha was born under a Cannonball tree. But that is nonsense. This unique and beautiful tree can be found in many Thai temples though due to this misconception. Hans Fritschi remembers seeing his first Cannonball tree in Rio de Janeiro. It took him 14 years until he could plant one at Discovery Garden Nong Khai. A virtual trip to Rio de Janeiro and Zurich.

Alternative Thai sausage salad is maybe better than Swiss original, Ep.21

The Tasadej, the famous Nong Khai Indochina market, is slowly reopening after the long lockdown. This unique market at the shores of the mighty Mekong river offers many interesting products from Laos, Vietnam and China. Hans Fritschi has only eaten his last beloved Servelat salad six weeks ago and is therefore suffering of acute withdrawal symptoms. But at said Indochina market he finds an alternative product that can be turned into an Asian-Thai sausage salad that may even be more delicious than the original Swiss Servelat salad.

Muesli at a Thai Mekong garden, EP.20

Figs are not very common in Thailand, but widely grown at Discovery Garden Nong Khai. Hans Fritschi shows how easy it is to propagate fig plants. He uses sweet figs to prepare his version of a tropical Muesli, consisting of local products only. The original Muesli was invented by Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss physician (1867 – 1939). It contained oats, apples, nuts, honey and lemon.

Black pepper and salt preserve meat in a Thai Botanical garden, Ep. 17

Black, white and green pepper all derive from the same tropical plant, it is a question of processing, what you will get. If you boil and dry green pepper, that is black pepper. If you dry and peel ripe green pepper aka as red pepper this is white pepper. And do not forget to use purifying salt, if you want to preserve meat in a very tasty way.

Mango and Passion fruit jam from Thai Botanical garden, Ep.16

Now is Mango season in Thailand, this delicious fruit is being sold in abundance on all markets, prices plummet. The problem is, how to conserve perishable Mango without freezing their flesh? Hans Fritschi explains how he makes a mouthwatering jam: He adds sourish Passion fruits that bring in a slightly sourish nuance to the predominant sweetness of the Mango. In the end that delicious Passion Mango jam will last outside the fridge for at least nine months.

The Moringa bean from a Thai Botanical garden does miracles, Ep.15

The enduring Corona lockdown has a severe impact on people, Hans Fritschi in Northeastern Thailand is also in a deep depression. His usual optimism only returns after discovering the wonderful Moringa olifeira tree in his Thai Botanical garden. He decides to spoil himself with a Swiss specialty called “Berner Platte”, replacing the usual green beans with Moringa beans. More Covid 19 beer is brewed from plain water with some magic applied.

Vegan chocolate mousse from a Thai Botanical garden, Ep.14

In this nutty episode Hans Fritschi presents several edible seeds or nuts that grow at Discovery Garden Nong Khai. If one of them would be grown in a sustainable way, it could ease or even solve the problem of cow flatulence. As you might know, cows fart a lot and that is not good for mother earth. How can we make a tasty vegan chocolate mousse without any butter or cream? If we succeed in replacing those two elements, mankind can reduce the number of farting cows dramatically and thus maybe even save the planet. In an other major development host Hans Fritschi is able to present a positive aspect of the normally so deadly gravitation.

Avocado growing in a Thai garden of wonders, Ep.13

Turning Thai home grown Avocados into delicious Guacamole in very strange times: The oil price has just turned negative for the very first time in the history of mankind. Hans Fritschi has therefore ordered 10 barrels of the black stuff and expects to be paid 400 US $! But another strange development happens: Gravitation has almost stopped in one part of the garden whereas the nasty neighborhood dog Donald is still barking. Meet the smallest Passion fruit (Passiflora foetida) of the world and eat sticky rice with sweet mango prepared by Khun Amorn.