What a difference! On the left hand side you see some African Baobab trees (Adansonia digitata) kept in concrete rings at one of our two Thai garden locations. On the right hand side you see the same kind of Baobab planted in the ground six years ago. All are eight years old, but the concrete rings worked like a straight jacket so those Baobab trees can still be moved and sold in Thailand and Laos.

One customer near Pattaya wanted to buy two 8 year old Baobab trees to plant in his garden. So we took them out of their concrete rings. Look how mighty those roots are already! Once properly planted in the ground, they will take off very quickly. Talk to us if you are interested in buying an 8 year old Baobab tree in Laos or Thailand, and we will figure out how we can get such a beauty to you: hansfritschi1957@gmail.com

Since this Baobab fan was located close to our Pattaya garden, we delivered the two giants to him.His two Baobabs should take off quickly now.