The tree with the clitoris in its name

Clitoria racemosa or “Sombrero” is a beautiful flowering tree from Brazil. It grows very quickly and thus provides shadow fast. It produces decorative green beans. But the most stunning thing about that unique tree are its flowers which resemble the clitoris.

4 thoughts on “The tree with the clitoris in its name

  1. Thanks for this great video. I have a single Clitoria racemosa in Bangkok, but it hasn’t flowered yet. I am curious about what season it flowers in. I would be grateful for any info. Thanks

    • Dear Jack,
      my trees flower right now, here in Pattaya and also in Nong Khai.
      Where did you get your tree?
      All the best
      Hans Fritschi

      • Hi Hans,

        I was trying to remember where I got the tree, but am not 100% sure. I get most of my larger trees from a plant supplier in Prachinburi who sells at the Chatuchak market in Bangkok. I tried too look back through my LINE chats but it was before I got a new phone. Is the flowering seasonal or regular around the year.

        One other observation is that they tree can also grow as a bit of a climbing or sprawling plant. Mine is in a bit of a tight space and likes to lean on and grow around other trees.

        Now that I see your, I may consider moving mine to a more open space, but I am in a fairly small house in Bangkok and don’t have many sunny spots left!

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