Zurich – Rapperswil is almost like Jolo – Zamboanga, plus female pirates on lake Zurich, Ep. 53

Today Hans Fritschi engages some former journalist colleagues to function as his guides for a marvelous boat trip from Zurich to ancient Rapperswil. Pierro Schäfer is the author of a book about female pirates on beautiful lake Zurich. Peter Sidler, former NZZ correspondent in Bangkok, was a frequent travel companion during their common years in Thailand or Southeast-Asia. The two friends once traveled from Jolo to Zamboanga together which is a very dangerous area. This is all remembered on their recent boat trip. Plus Hans Fritschi remembers the quote of Emilie Lieberherr when he told her he was moving to Bangkok 30 odd years ago: “Das isch aber a geföhrliche Stadt für an junge Mah”. The good woman was right!