1 Angel and 55 Elephants at Zurich main train station, Ep. 63

One of the last warm days in Zurich: After a walk along river Limmat, Hans Fritschi discovers a group of almost sixty elephants at the grand hall of Zurich main train station. Equally surprising, there is a huge angel protecting those peaceful pachyderms. This exhibit or event, called “Elephant Parade”, raises money to protect the endangered Asian Elephants. All the beautiful and colorful pachyderms were painted in Thailand and there is another Siamese link.

Autumn has arrived in Zurich, winter is looming, Ep. 62

The leaves are falling, autumn is here and soon winter will take over in Zurich and Europe. At the same time as temperatures are sliding and people stay inside more, the new Covid 19 infections are sharply rising. It is a depressing time, new lock-downs are in the making. Signs of a dark autumn are everywhere. But the beautiful sides of autumn, the falling colorful leaves, can be spotted allover also.

A guided tour through beautiful, empty Lucerne, Ep. 61

My good old journalist friend Eva Mackert shows me her original home town Lucerne. We arrive at the “new” train station, the old, beautiful one burnt down about 50 years ago in a catastrophic fire. The same disaster struck the 650 year old wooden Kappel bridge which has since been rebuilt as it was before. The famous Lion monument honors Swiss mercenaries that died for the French king during the French Revolution. Hans Fritschi, naturally, was more interested in the famous “Fritschi Father”, an important figure in the popular Lucerne carnival.

Few flights, Zurich airport is so empty, Ep.60

Wondering how deserted Zurich airport might be, Hans Fritschi boards a tram at Central and rides to Kloten. On the way he stops in Oerlikon where the former Hotel International recently announced, it will close down due to Covid 19 and fire more than 200 employees. Walking through the almost deserted Zurich airport Hans Fritschi has landed in a ghost town. This airport is empty, empty, empty, that ghostly experience feels as if mankind has left the planet.

Getting cold in Zurich, warming up with some cactuses, Ep.59

Succulents normally grow in arid areas with little water and a lot of sun and heat. Now that it is getting cold in Zurich, this is the perfect moment to visit a public greenhouse where those cactuses from all over the world are grown. It is very educational and at the same time we are able to tank some warmth for the colder days coming. Hans Fritschi and his friend Peter Sidler also talk about Covid 19 which still keeps the world in an iron grip and makes us change our plans on a daily basis.