Last visit to sad Pattaya beach

Before travelling to Europe Hans Fritschi pays a last visit to Pattaya Jomtien beach which is completely deserted. All people are gone. No more beach chair vendors, no more tourists. This once buzzling beach has become a deadly, depressive place. Whereas Thailand has closed down, Europe is opening up: Covid 19 times.

Delivering rare plants within Thailand

From Discover Garden Pattaya we deliver our many unique plants all over Thailand. They are carefully packed by our able staff and will arrive the next day at the homes of our customers. Most cherished are our Malabar chestnuts and our yellow lemons. How about growing exotic cocoa or Vanilla in your Thai garden? Just order some of these rare plants with us.

Keeping thieves and stray-dogs out

We have to mend our fences at Discovery Garden Pattaya. Thieves have walked in at night and stolen some of our most precious geese. And stray-dogs have followed suit and are threating geese, cats and our marvelous Iguanas. Whilst the diligent workers mend the fence Hans Fritschi meanwhile shows you some of the “wonders” that can be seen at Discovery Garden Pattaya.

Artful nests to impress the females

Many males try to lure attractive women into their beds. Most use expensive cars, jewelry or outright money for their sinister endeavors. The Baya weaver, a sparrow like bird, uses artfully built nests as such a sex trap. If the female is impressed with the building abilities of her temporary male companion she will gladly pay with carnival pleasures. Since both are polygamous, the construction craze will go on and on and on.

Severe pink pollution in the garden

Suddenly there were those pink (plastic?) particles all over the garden. What was this about? Almost all of that pink pollution turned out to be organic. And now we can hope for a huge harvest of plumb like fruits in about two months time. The bees are having a ball right now.

Meet my unique strawberry tree

Ever since I heard that there are strawberry trees in Thailand I wanted one. And suddenly one day I was very lucky and detected one in my garden in Pattaya! One of its suckers I took to Discovery Garden Nong Khai where it has grown tremendously since. I was always enthusiastic about my unique strawberry trees whereas most Thai people were little impressed….

The smallest passion fruit of the world

The Passiflora foetida produces spectacular flowers and attractive red passion fruits. They are the smallest passion fruits of the world and taste quite sweet. Therefore the birds like them too and distribute them all over the garden. The Passiflora foetida can be seen at Dicovery Garden Pattaya and Nong Khai (Thailand) where you also can order seeds.