Pachira insignis flowers once a year

It is called Money tree, Malabar chestnut or Pachira insignis, this nut tree from South-America only flowers once a year, right now. It produces the most spectacular flowers, but so far has not given us any of the delicious edible nuts. Pachira insignis can be compared to Pachira aquatica which flowers all year around and delivers a constant flow of edible nuts. But when it comes to beauty of the flowers, Pachira insignis is the clear winner.

Solar system eases the terrible Thai heat

Now during the Thai New Year celebrations people suffer the worst heat annually with temperatures climaxing around 40 degrees Celsius. We are glad to have a solar system in place that provides us with plenty of clean and reneawable energy. During the day we not only can power washing machines, pumps and all other houshold machinery but also charge our electric car and run at least two more aircons with carbon free solar energy.