Smoking a delicious sausage containing cabbage

When the battle of Grandson took place in 1476 the Swiss general in charge did not have enough meat for his soldiers. So he added cabbage and boiled grind to a newly created sausage. Needless to say, he won the battle, probably due to that excellent “saucisse aux choux” that has since become a specialty of French speaking Switzerland. At Discovery Garden Pattaya we prepare such sausages in this episode.

Meet the eggfruit at a Thai Botanical Garden

Poucheria campechiana, Canistel, Eggfruit or Mon Kai are just some names for a yellow tropical fruit we grow at Discovery Garden Pattaya and Nong Khai. The consistency of the yellow flesh reminds one of boiled egg joke, though it is sweet. It can be processed into creamy deserts, cup cakes or eaten in a yoghurt. The eggfruit can be easily grown from seeds or from seedlings. We can send eggfruit plants within Thailand to your place.

Tropical nut: First flowers after nine years

It took nine years until a rare nut tree from Venezuela delivered first flowers today at Discovery Garden Pattaya. The so called “Money Tree” aka Pachira insignis is the rarest tree of the Pachira family. And the stunning flowers that appeared now for the first time was well worth the extended waiting period. Now we wait for the first edible nuts of the unique Pachira insignis.

Smoking ham with Thai tropical wood

If you want to eat home made smoked ham in Thailand, you first have to cure meat for ten days in the fridge. Hans Fritschi picks the smoking wood from his luscious tropical garden and thus turns ordinary meat into delicacies. Adding a home made potato salad to that simple meal turns the whole culinary experience into a feast.

The new sprinkle system helps a lot

After drilling a new well, we finally have enough water to install a brand new, but very simple sprinkle system. By watering our cocoa trees when necessary, we can expect a higher yield and chocolate production can start in earnest. At Discovery Garden Pattaya we build simple, but effective new things almost on a daily basis. The Thai brother in law just constructed a new incubator and some stone elephants were integrated into a water fall. Tomorrow is another day and we plan to build a safe and spacy encroachment for our younger geese.