Endless rains in Thailand

The Thai rainy season is in full swing right now. After two months on summer vacations in Europe theĀ garden in Pattaya is green as green can be, the fishpond will overflow soon. Bay leaf seedlings, Vanilla and nutmeg like the never ending rain and thrive. Anna, the goose, is female. The hens are starting to lay eggs. It is nice to be back in rainy Thailand.

Visit our gardens despite the summer break

Hans Fritschi will be back at Discovery Garden Pattaya and Nong Khai by the beginning of September. But you can visit both gardens during this summer break despite his absence. You can also order such precious plants as Nutmeg, Bay leaves or Thai figs whilst he is away. Just contact us by E-mail beforehand that we can make arrangements.

Absolutely stunning flowers

The most stunning flowers at Discovery Garden Pattaya come from the Money tree (Pachira insignis) or Guiana chestnut. But our trees have never so far produced the delicious edible seeds. So for propagation we have to rely on air-layering which is not so easy with this plant. Thus we have only a few Pachira insignis trees for sale.