Plants for Thai balconies and terraces

Flowering plants that deliver edible fruits on balconies and terraces in Thailand are the topic of this episode from Discovery Garden Pattaya. Did you ever taste the Malabar chestnut, Strawberry guava, Peanut butter fruits, Chinese olives or European yellow lemons? All of them can be grown on your balcony or terrace in Thailand. Hans Fritschi also shows you many other plants that are suitable to be grown in pots.

Growing Nutmeg from seeds

Nutmeg is an excellent spice. But did you know that the Myristica fragrans not only produces the Nutmeg nut but also Mace? If you want to grow Nutmeg plants from seeds, you will need very fresh seeds. And those fresh seeds are covered with a red skin or protecting net which is called the Mace. Dried and ground that Mace is an equally powerful spice as the Nutmeg seed itself. Grow your own Nutmeg trees from fresh seeds or buy some seedlings from us within Thailand or Laos.

Nutmeg from your Thai garden

Nutmeg or Myristica fragrans is an evergreen tropical plant that grows very well in your Thai or Lao garden. It actually produces two very distinct spices: Nutmeg and Mace. Meet the two spices from the Nutmeg tree that were once worth their weight in gold.

Going solar in Thailand 3

Our new solar system is in place and works. Tonight we are using solar energy that was harvested from our roof and stored in three batteries during the day. Today the last six solar panels were installed. Then the 36 solar panels on our roof were properly wired, the whole system connected and tested. It works.

Going solar in Thailand 2

Today our engineers from Bangkok installed 30 solar panels at the roof of our house at Discovery Garden Pattaya. We made a lot of progress, but need an other day for the completion of the project. The workers did a tremendous job on our very hot roof.

Going solar in Thailand 1

Today the engineers arrived from Bangkok and installed the first batch of our new solar system at Discovery Garden Pattaya. Inverters, powerful batteries were installed and connected and an elevator brought in: Tomorrow the elevator will carry the 36 heave panels on the roof, they will be properly installed and connected and then we should be energy independent to a high degree.

Black, white, green, red, pink and long pepper

We have six “pepper” varieties at Discovery Graden Pattaya and Nong Khai. White, green, red and black pepper all come from a single plant called Piper nigrum or Black pepper. Long pepper or Piper longum is a different plant from the pepper family. Whereas Brazilian or Pink pepper grows on a plant called Schinus terebinthifolia which is not related to the Piper family, but produces pepper-like seeds.