Absolutely stunning flowers

The most stunning flowers at Discovery Garden Pattaya come from the Money tree (Pachira insignis) or Guiana chestnut. But our trees have never so far produced the delicious edible seeds. So for propagation we have to rely on air-layering which is not so easy with this plant. Thus we have only a few Pachira insignis trees for sale.

Growing Bay leaf plants in Thailand

In Thailand you can buy dried Bay leaves (Laurus nobilis). But can you also grow Bay leaf plants in your Thai garden? Hans Fritschi has grown Bay leaf plants in Thailand for almost fifteen years, but it is not so easy. Bay leaf plants in Thailand do not flower and therefore produce no seeds. So propagation works sometimes with air layering and cuttings.

Strawberry guava thrive right now

Small and tasty red fruits grow on Strawberry guava trees called Psidium cattleyanum with their scientific name. We can eat them raw or prepare excellent jams from them. Those plants even thrive on poor soil or in pots.

Do not swallow seeds of the suicide tree!

Cerbera odollam or Pong Pong tree is a highly decorative addition in your garden. First it produces pretty white flowers and later funny green balls. But those green fruits contain two highly poisonous seeds – one alone is considered enough to kill a human being. For that reason Cerbera odollam is also known as suicide tree. Do not swallow seeds of the suicide tree!

Plants for Thai balconies and terraces

Flowering plants that deliver edible fruits on balconies and terraces in Thailand are the topic of this episode from Discovery Garden Pattaya. Did you ever taste the Malabar chestnut, Strawberry guava, Peanut butter fruits, Chinese olives or European yellow lemons? All of them can be grown on your balcony or terrace in Thailand. Hans Fritschi also shows you many other plants that are suitable to be grown in pots.