Avocado growing in a Thai garden of wonders, Ep.13

Turning Thai home grown Avocados into delicious Guacamole in very strange times: The oil price has just turned negative for the very first time in the history of mankind. Hans Fritschi has therefore ordered 10 barrels of the black stuff and expects to be paid 400 US $! But another strange development happens: Gravitation has almost stopped in one part of the garden whereas the nasty neighborhood dog Donald is still barking. Meet the smallest Passion fruit (Passiflora foetida) of the world and eat sticky rice with sweet mango prepared by Khun Amorn.

Meeting magical fruits in a Thai Botanical Garden, Ep. 12

We take you through our Botanical Garden in Northeastern Thailand and show you some tropical fruits you probably never saw before. The main fruit in this episode is the Graviola or Soursop. We turn this difficult to grow fruit into durable and delicious Graviola jam. The tea made from the leaves of this tree is tasty and believed to boost your immune system. Can the tea and the consumption of the Graviola fruit really kill cancer? We remain skeptical, but love the tasty Graviola jam.

Swiss cheese discovered in Thai Botanical Garden, Ep.11

More wonders occur in our Botanical Garden in Northeastern Thailand. We celebrate the Thai New Year in totally new ways. Since the sale of alcoholic drinks has been banned in Nong Khai Province, we turn plane water into the first Covid 19 beer through concentrated witchcraft. And we produce the last Cervelat salad at the Mekong with cheese obtained from our Swiss Cheese plants.

Celebrating Easter, Thai New Year and Passover in Corona times, Ep. 10

At our Botanical garden in Northeastern Thailand today we celebrate not only Easter Sunday and the Resurrection, but also Thai New Year and Jewish Passover. Since we are afraid that X-mas might be postponed or even canceled as well in the terrible times of the Corona virus, we have include Christmas as well into our celebration of life. Of course we have to find new ways, new symbols for those four important seasonal festivities in these dire times. The helpful Easter Bunny gives us many clues how to cope with a very difficult situation.

Preparing for Easter, Thai New Year, X-mas and Passover Ep. 9

We are busy preparing for several looming festivities under unseen circumstances. Eggs are being hoarded and difficult to find, but essential in order to color and hide them next Easter Sunday. Thais are banned for traveling home and celebrate Songkran. All water throwing has been forbidden. What else can they do? Jews think back to the days when God sent them plague and cure. And one fair day, Jesus was born. At Discovery Garden Nong Khai we try to celebrate all these events in times of the Corona virus in totally new ways.

0:02 / 26:50 Mission Butterrösti accomplished, be aware of April fool pranks Ep.7

Today is April 1st., be careful in what you believe. On this day you are told a lot of Fake News, not only from the White House in Washington. Analyze your sources carefully. With the help of Hans Fritschi you can strengthen your abilities to determine true from false. Have Wednesdays really been declared mandatory Butterrösti days almost all over Asia?

The river Mekong flows through it, Ep. 5

We need the sun for growing things and water, plus good soil. On our bicycle tour through Nong Khai rice fields, we discover a clever system of canals. The water of the mighty Mekong river is pumped up into these canals during the dry season right now. During the rainy season the water in those canals flows into the Mekong so the rice fields are not flooded. The Mekong also brings fertile sand for planting purposes. And: Get to know the Gac fruit.

If the world ends tomorrow, plant a tree today Ep.4

After the discovery of the new world most travelers bound there died of scurvy. British scientists discovered 1790 a remedy: lemons. The main producer at the time was Sicily. Due to sudden worldwide demand for lemons, prices went through the roof. To producers looked for protection and thus the Mafia was founded. Hans Fritschi feels like e Red Indian on the warpath.