Solar system eases the terrible Thai heat

Now during the Thai New Year celebrations people suffer the worst heat annually with temperatures climaxing around 40 degrees Celsius. We are glad to have a solar system in place that provides us with plenty of clean and reneawable energy. During the day we not only can power washing machines, pumps and all other houshold machinery but also charge our electric car and run at least two more aircons with carbon free solar energy.

Kapok: Fibers that make seeds fly

Kapok or Ceiba pentandra is a large, green stemed tree that produces small black seeds which are able to fly away and conquer the world. The seeds are surrounded by a bunch of white fibers which are blown by the wind all over the area. In the old days the white cotton-like fibers were used to stuff cushions or teddy.bears. But since Kapok is highly inflammable it is not used for such purposes any longer.

Riding the Lao Chinese train

The LCR (Lao China Railway) opened in December 2021 connecting Kunming in South China with the Laotian capital Vientiane. The most scenic part is the leg between Vientiane and the magic Laotian city of Luang Prabang which is a World Heritage site.. The train ride takes less than two hours. Thickets are only for sale three days before departure which is a considerable hurdle for foreign visitors or tourists.

A delicious tropical nut

If you like to grow delicious nuts in a tropical country like Thailand, you should plant a Pachira aquatica also known as Malabar chestnut or Money tree. This very productive tree grows even well on poor soil and delivers beautiful flowers. We can deliver Pachira aquatica trees all over Thailand.