Delicious bird shit farangs

Westerners are called farangs in Thailand. But there is also a popular fruit called farang in Thai: Guava or Psidium guajava which originated in South America and was a stranger here initially. Hans Fritschi grows many types of Guavas at Discovery Garden Pattaya and Nong Khai, but his favorites are the bird shit farangs. A tale of living cannibalism….

Growing Chinese olives in Thailand

European olive trees are available in Thailand, but at high prices and it is dubious that they ever will bear fruits. Chinese olives (Canarium album) are much easier and very well suited to grow in tropical countries. But do those large black Chinese olives taste like the real stuff? Yes and no. But you can create a tasty meal with them.

Sweet and tasty Thai eggfruits

Eggfruits, Canistel or Pouteria campechiana are not very common fruits in Thailand. They can easily been grown from seeds and never need much care, water or fertilizer. It is advisable to harvest the yellow fruits shortly before they are completely ripe and fall to the ground. Hans Fritschi shows you how to ripen hard Canistel fruits with a pinch of salt.

Meet the cannonball tree

4 Aufrufe • 30.10.2021 • One of the most attractive tropical plants is the cannonball tree (Couroupita guianensis). First it produces fragrant flowers of incredible beauty. Later it forms a heavy round seed pod that looks like a cannon ball. Its flesh is edible though hardly ever eaten by humans because of its foul smell. We offer cannonball trees of all sizes at Discovery Garden Pattaya and Nong Khai.

Growing oranges and lemons from seeds

Valencia oranges are very popular all over the world. No wonder Hans Fritschi wants to grow them at Discovery Garden Pattaya as well. He therefore buys two Valencia oranges imported from China at the local supermarket and plants the seeds. Will that be a success? In the end one original Valencia orange can be spotted at Discovery Garden Pattaya.

Return to Discovery Garden Pattaya

After more than four months absence Hans Fritschi returns to Discovery Garden Pattaya. A lot has happened: The first Valencia orange has grown. New giant hybrid geese have arrived. Buffalo nuts (Traca bicornis) have finally developed. An expensive Monstera deliciosa Thai Constellation was sold, some more are for sale. And the Chinese olives are thriving.

Last visit to sad Pattaya beach

Before travelling to Europe Hans Fritschi pays a last visit to Pattaya Jomtien beach which is completely deserted. All people are gone. No more beach chair vendors, no more tourists. This once buzzling beach has become a deadly, depressive place. Whereas Thailand has closed down, Europe is opening up: Covid 19 times.

Delivering rare plants within Thailand

From Discover Garden Pattaya we deliver our many unique plants all over Thailand. They are carefully packed by our able staff and will arrive the next day at the homes of our customers. Most cherished are our Malabar chestnuts and our yellow lemons. How about growing exotic cocoa or Vanilla in your Thai garden? Just order some of these rare plants with us.

Keeping thieves and stray-dogs out

We have to mend our fences at Discovery Garden Pattaya. Thieves have walked in at night and stolen some of our most precious geese. And stray-dogs have followed suit and are threating geese, cats and our marvelous Iguanas. Whilst the diligent workers mend the fence Hans Fritschi meanwhile shows you some of the “wonders” that can be seen at Discovery Garden Pattaya.